Awesome Summer Hairstyle

Jul 29, 10 Awesome Summer Hairstyle

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Keep shoulder length hair cool with this summer hairstyle! Did you jump on the super long bang band wagon? I know I did, luckily we are not alone about half of the female celebrities jumped on the super long, fringey bang, trend started by Heidi Klum. Thankfully, that awful trend is over and was a mistake for most of the women...

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Make Your Own Brown Sugar Body Scrub!

Jul 28, 10 Make Your Own Brown Sugar Body Scrub!

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Keep your skin looking young and soft. I had mentioned that exfoliating in the ocean is an awesome, totally free, all natural way to get your skin looking gorgeous, but what should you do when the beach is too cold, too contaminated, or too faraway? The answer is simple… make your own brown sugar body scrub! Attention:...

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All Natural Ocean Spa Treatment

Jul 19, 10 All Natural Ocean Spa Treatment

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  The ocean is a natural exfoliate Take advantage of what is in your backyard. My friend dated a plastic surgeon. One night we went out to dinner, and he was adamant that the best spa treatment any girl could get was to go out and play in the ocean.  He said, “If Californian women knew the truth, none of them would go...

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Get Your Groupon

Jul 17, 10 Get Your Groupon

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Save money and have fun! Have you ever wanted to go do some of the fun things in your community, but either you or one of your friends thought it was too expensive? Now, there is a site called Groupon.  A way to save anywhere from 60%-90% off the fun outings in your area.  Here is the link to the one in San Diego. Groupon is an...

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Make Your Own Necklace

Jul 15, 10 Make Your Own Necklace

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Making your own jewelry is fun, creative and makes wonderful gifts for the females you love!

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