Save Your Sole!

Oct 11, 12 Save Your Sole!

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I love buying shoes at the thrift stores because they are already broken in and sometimes you can find the cutest vintage shoes! I saw these same shoes selling on ModCloth for $60.00. I bought them from the Opp Shop for $5.50. They are very cute, genuine leather, retro and comfortable. I like to add a new sole to an old shoe. It...

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P90x 30 Day Review!

Oct 11, 12 P90x 30 Day Review!

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I know it is a little past 30 days. I must say this program works beyond a shadow of a doubt, but it is hard to follow. It is EXTREME especially at first… so ladies take the fit test to make sure you are physically fit enough to begin the program… otherwise it might kill you hahaha! I did it for 40 days and then paused....

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