Room Makeover for A Dollar Fifty !!

  This is great, and another reason why I love our Recession Diva Cristy. She found fabric at an Opp Shop for $.50 cents. She kept looking and found a beautiful thick pink fabric for $1.00. She mixed the two and let the creativity flow. As a result she ended up with a complete room make over for $1.50…. for this we say,...

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J’adore Sign Language!

  Try making your own sign! This is a great found art project. I have made 4 signs so far, and it only cost $25.00! Our home business called Hitek Systems had people confused as to where our house was and whether or not it is a business. We needed a sign.Well one day the Universe gave me one.. when an old fence cover fell in my...

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Love Your Jewelry

It’s time to get out the jewelry box and give your collection some love. For most of you, Summer is ending and your accessories have been through sand, sun and SPF 25. Now is also a great time to put your Summer jewelry away and get ready for Fall, or for those of us in New Zealand it’s time to break out some Spring...

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Silver Pot Curb Appeal

Take an old pot and revive it with a little spray paint. I chose silver, but any color could do. I literally used this single can of silver spray paint for multiple art projects and there is still some left. There are so many great things about spray paint. It is easy to apply, affordable, it dries quick and a little bit goes a long...

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Advice From A Rose

Aug 13, 12 Advice From A Rose

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  Plant a Rose Bush and Remember her Advice Advice From a Rose Make someone’s day! Enjoy the sunshine Remember your beauty stems from within Be Colorful Look past the thorns Make new buds Bloom Be Scent-sational! Self love… you know you are loving yourself if your rose is healthy. Every time you take care of...

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Fast Bedroom Makeover

Every little bit helps… This is the mantra that will take any place from barren to comfortable and homey in no time! 🙂 Maybe you need a change, maybe the energy in your room or even life has become stagnate. Take your bedroom to a calm peaceful place with this simple makeover that costs less than $100.00. Move your...

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