Color Me Beautiful!

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Since the dawn of time women have thought, “This color brings out my eyes!” or “That color suits you!” and there is a very good reason why… Color Me Beautiful was a concept in the 1980’s created by Carole Jackson, that gave women four seasonal color pallets based on their natural look. I can even remember my mother taking me to a Carole Jackson consultation where she had her colors done and was given a swap of fabric to match. Surprisingly Carole was onto something. She made it simple for women to choose colors best for their skin, hair and eye color. It is a fact not everyone looks good in peach. Some women look great in ivory while others can look sickly. By following Color Me Beautiful a woman can choose the colors that bring out her eyes and make her skin look healthier.

The Four Color Pallets are Based on the Four Seasons

Winter: fair skin for cool colors

Winter: A cool color pallet. This is for the women with fair skin. dark hair often blue eyes. I like to think Elizabeth Taylor or Snow White.

Think lips as red as roses. These women look best in jewel tones. Teal Blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green. Deep rich cool colors like Raspberry Tourmaline, Yellow Citrine, Diamond White, and Amethyst Purple.

Spring: sun kissed skin for warm colors

Spring: A warm color pallet.

This color pallet is for women with golden skin, warm eyes and warm hair. The hair color can range from golden blonde to chestnut brown. I like to think Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example of Spring coloring. Think hot pink, kelly green, coral, daffodil yellow, turquoise blue andĀ  tomato red.

For inspiration think a field of Snap Dragons!

Summer: Cool colors for fair skin and light hair.


Summer Color Pallet: A cool color pallet for fair skin and light blonde hair. I like to think of Gwyneth Paltrow or Scarlett Johanson. Fair skin, light blue eyes and light blonde hair. These women look best in cool pastel colors. Cool yellows pinks and blue. They have a very dreamy coloring therefore soft colors bring out their features in a subtle way.

Soft Colors and Pastels Keep the Cooler Tones

Autumn: Warm skin tones with reds accenting your hair color.

Autumn Color Pallet: Warm colors for bronze skin or auburn hair. For this I like to think of Sophia Loren, Sandra Bullock and Holly Berry. When choosing colors think of fall leaves. maroon, hunter green, rust orange, golds, bronze, browns and sun flower yellows.

Warm skin tones and hints of red.


There are evenĀ  more examples of Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful online or you could just buy her book on Amazon. Either way she was onto something. I often see stars wearing colors that wash them out or do not look good on them period. Not everyone should wear mint green! Have fun using these concepts to inspire your wardrobe and your spontaneous purchases. This is a simple way to style yourself to look your best at any age! Use these simple tricks and let us know how it worked for you. As always may creativity be with you!

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