Have a Hooded Halloween

Mandatory Costume…. Emergency Costume… Super Cute Costume…. Affordable… Adorable… Comfortable… and the best part WARM!!

Dino Version Front

If you are  in a bind on time and money this Halloween, transform a comfortable hoodie into a creation of doom. Many women are tired of wearing practically nothing on a cold October night. Why go to all the trouble to freeze to death when these hoodies are so cute, and so easy to make!

My good friend Brandy is the master mind behind this costume idea, and it really is brilliant. Espeecially if you live in a cold climate. The sky is the limit with what can be done with a hoodie. You could do a monster, deamon, angel, devil, lion, lamb, bat ect. This Halloween if you need an emergency costume go to the Craft Store buy some felt and some yarn if needed and sew your own Halloween hoodie. It only takes about three hours and looks great.

Dino Back with Hearts!

Here is how the lion went down in pics:

Bunch Yarn for the Mane into 12 little bunches

Use Felt for Ears Tails and Horns

Sew it on and don't forget the tail!


  1. Very Cute! That would be great for kids too!

  2. Cristy /

    What a clever idea!

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