How To Throw Poker Night!

Who says poker is just for guys? Throwing an all girls poker night is a unique way to bond with the females in your life or keep it coed. Whatever you do… keep it fun. Get some beer and throw some frozen piazza in the oven. It’s okay to lose ten to twenty dollars for entertainment purposes only. This would be no more than going to dinner and the movies.  I prefer Texas Hold ’em, the rules are simple and you can learn how to deal off you tube. So go ahead and let luck be a lady tonight!

1.) Have a $5.00 to $25.00 buy in then deal chips.

2.) Provide food but let it be a BYOB so everyone can share their favorite drinks.

3.) Keep it small 5 people is a perfect amount.

4.) Read Up on the Rules and print the Winning Hands prior to Poker Night. It’s nice to have a reference.

5.) Create a playlist of cool music. I like the Pulp Fiction soundtrack lol.

6.) Let the winner take home the cash!

7.) Keep it simple and laugh a lot!

Try hosting your own poker night and then leave a comment for how well it worked and add some insight! And may the odds be ever in your favor! 🙂

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