J’adore Sign Language!


Affordable DIY Sign for a Business!

Try making your own sign! This is a great found art project. I have made 4 signs so far, and it only cost $25.00! Our home business called Hitek Systems had people confused as to where our house was and whether or not it is a business. We needed a sign.Well one day the Universe gave me one.. when an old fence cover fell in my lap. I  made both of these signs with stuff I had laying around the house and craft store letters and you can too!

This same technique made a faux headboard!

You could easily modify this same technique for virtually anything! A child’s room could have their name, and then you could glue on some toys. Simply, spray paint it their favorite color. This would be the perfect project for a three year old to learn to spell their name with, and is literally so fast and easy even a three year old could do it…with the help of an adult of course.

These $2.00 tools could be great for a workshop sign!

You could also use this same idea for a seasonal sign… You could create one and use your family’s last name… A teacher could use her name and attach it to her desk.

How about dinosaurs for a little boy or Science Teacher!

The point is pick a theme and go with it. We had all of this stuff lying around the house. I chose bright green letters because it matches our logo. The letters are the most expensive part of this art project so do your research and find them on the cheap!

For IT and Engineering I got a bunch of cables, a broken iPhone screen and some mother boards… just random parts really. I even put a broken play station laser on there…


What You Will Need:

1.) Actual Sign Back can be an old shelf or an old fence

2.) Buy Spray Paint of an appropriate color

3.) Buy Letters look at dollar stores and online even to save costs

4.) Found Items that match your theme…( ie spaceships, astronauts sun and planets for a boys room) or (roses, ribbons and pearls for a shabby chic)

5.) Hot glue gun and glue sticks (you can get this from the dollar store)!

Some objects are left unpainted for a little color…but I spray painted most of the cables and IT equipment silver…


1.) Get the stuff

2.) Spray paint the sign back

3.) Paint the letters

4.) Glue on the themed items

5.) Glue on Letters

6.) Hang it Up!

So Customers Know!

Before Sign… BORING!

Now That’s a Business!

Try this sign project and tell us how it worked for you or your business as always May Creativity Be With You! 🙂

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