P90x 30 Day Review!

Dedication Counts!

I know it is a little past 30 days. I must say this program works beyond a shadow of a doubt, but it is hard to follow. It is EXTREME especially at first… so ladies take the fit test to make sure you are physically fit enough to begin the program… otherwise it might kill you hahaha! I did it for 40 days and then paused. My man started getting a six pack I know I need to get us both on the wagon again cause he was looking pretty good hahahaha. Apparently, that Ab Ripper X goes a long way.

I am not really following the diet cause I love to cook and eat! I might consider doing Weight Watchers like Jessica Simpson lol.

Those pullups really help! Who knew?!

The Kempo is so much fun, and I do feel more confident that my man and I could fight off an attacker like the movie “Date Night.”

I would say go for it! Hit pause a bunch and do the best you can with the diet. If you also incorporate Denise Austin “Hit the Spot Pilates” and eat less calories you will prob look smokin hot at age!

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