Room Makeover for A Dollar Fifty !!


She Made Soft Pillows To Add Color To Her Bed!

This is great, and another reason why I love our Recession Diva Cristy. She found fabric at an Opp Shop for $.50 cents. She kept looking and found a beautiful thick pink fabric for $1.00. She mixed the two and let the creativity flow. As a result she ended up with a complete room make over for $1.50…. for this we say, “Atta Girl!”

Reupholster an old stool… cute!

Made cushions for a rocking chair… Comfy!

I love the soft color pallet this Opp Shop find created. The room looks so dreamy, like the perfect place to relax, feel warm and read a novel.

Cover and Old Lamp as a Final Touch!

This project can be done in an afternoon. I imagine you could use these same decorating tricks for any room in the house.

You could even use these tricks to create seasonal decor! With this simple makeover you will never get bored; give it a try and leave a comment! As always, may creativity be with you! 🙂

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