Sew Vintage!

I own and love this Mod Cloth Dress…

Sewing can be easier than you think. You can learn to sew by trial and error or you can even watch You Tube videos! I had a sewing machine and did not know how to sew very well. I took it upon myself to download a free dress pattern from this video by Angela Kane “Making a Dress From Start to Finish Part One.

You can also visit her site and download a bunch of classic patterns that are really timeless. This is so cool, because you literally can become your own fashion designer!

I love this site as well to get inspired. Marissa Lynch is a mad woman when it comes to diy sewing projects. You can even use her on Pintrest to generate ideas before going shopping at an Opp Shop. You can read more about this Recession Diva on CBS.

Don’t be afraid to take some great tips from these two pro’s and give it a try!

My first skirt project was Mod Cloth inspired!

As always may creativity be with you!


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