Silver Pot Curb Appeal

Silver Spray Paint Looks Clean!

Take an old pot and revive it with a little spray paint. I chose silver, but any color could do. I literally used this single can of silver spray paint for multiple art projects and there is still some left. There are so many great things about spray paint. It is easy to apply, affordable, it dries quick and a little bit goes a long way!

Look at how far I took these pots.

It was a free pot and even came with some fake dirty sun flowers YAY!

Here is the other pot. Which had a very nice Arizona South Western feel!

It’s time to give this pot a little TLC!

Some Quick Pointers:

Simply make sure the weather is warm and sunny so your paint will dry quickly.

Make sure all of the dirt has been removed from your pot before you spray paint.

Check the direction of the wind before you spray.

Move your hand back and forth as you spray the paint in smooth layers.

Lay down some cardboard to keep the spray paint off any unwanted areas.

Front Door Before….

If you follow these easy pointers your curb can be made over in no time and for practically nothing! I call that AWESOME! 🙂 Try this art project and let us know how it works out for you!

Front Door After!

As you can see this door way make over really helped spruce things up! It took less than twenty minutes and costs practically nothing! Let us know if you have any other great ideas for a fast affordable front door makeover!


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