Surf, Style, Shop!

Recession Diva BCBG jacket $7.00

September is a month of endings and new beginnings. Maybe it’s the fact that when we were kids we got new school clothes around this time, but somehow every September I feel the need to throw out the old clothes and get into the new styles. The trees are shedding their leaves and beginning to sleep, but fashion is just being born!

In light of the current state of the economy and the second dip of the recession, I must shop in an incredibly strategic way. With this method in mind, I can find great stylish ensembles and then replicate them in an eco-friendly way.

Stage 1: Surf

Look online for great ideas, current trends and stylish ensembles. Look on the websites that also have magazines i.e. Allure, InStyle etc. Watch Fall 2010 runway shows for good ideas.

Fall 2010 Runway Jacket

Stage2: Style

I love love love this website polyvore. It is awesome, for style ideas… you can even post ?’s and other people will answer it.

Stage 3 Shop:

Once you get some ideas in your head, then go look for great deals. Stay creative and remember what you already have in your closet.

For shoes I love this website. Think about the new trends you love and stay true to yourself. Shop at your local thrift stores and vintage boutiques.  I just went to the thrift store boutique and got this adorable BCBG jacket for $7.00. It looks bran new! I saw the same jacket on a fall trend website. If I were to buy this off the BCBG website it would have cost over $200.00. This is how you can shop smart and look fabulous.

For accessories I love this website urbanog.

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  1. instead of shopping online b/c you often have to pay shipping why not try Marshalls, TJ Maxx,Ross etc..they have latest trends at very low prices

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